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Last Line: We think we'll stay another year.
Alternate Author Name(s): F. P. A.
Subject(s): Family Life; City Snd Town Life; Wity And Humor; Apartments; Central Park, New York City; Relatives

We don't get any too much light;
It's pretty noisy, too, at that;
The folks next door stay up all night;
There's but one closet in the flat;
The rent we pay is far from low;
Our flat is small and in the rear;
But we have looked around, and so,
We think we'll stay another year.

Our dining-room is pretty dark;
Our kitchen's hot and very small;
The "view" we get of Central Park
We really do not get at all.
The ceiling cracks and crumbles down
Upon me while I'm working here—
But, after combing all the town,
We think we'll stay another year.

We are not "handy" to the sub;
Our hall-boy service is a joke;
Our janitor's a foreign dub
Who never does a thing but smoke;
Our landlord says he will not cut
A cent from rent already dear;
And so we sought for better—but
We think we'll stay another year.

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