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First Line: Holy mother of god, merciful mary, hear me
Subject(s): Premarital Sex; Sin; Pregnancy; Death; Dead, The

Holy Mother of God, Merciful Mary. Hear me! I am very weary.
I have come from a village miles away, all day I have been
coming, and I ache for such far roaming. I cannot walk as
light as I used, and my thoughts grow confused. I am heavier
than I was. Mary Mother, you know the cause!

Beautiful Holy Lady, take my shame away from me! Let this
fear be only seeming, let it be that I am dreaming. For
months I have hoped it was so, now I am afraid I know.
Lady, why should this be shame, just because I haven't got
his name. He loved me, yes, Lady, he did, and he couldn't
keep it hid. We meant to marry. Why did he die?

That day when they told me he had gone down in the
avalanche, and could not be found until the snow melted in
Spring, I did nothing. I could not cry. Why should he die?

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