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THE LLAMA, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: The llama is a woolly sort of fleecy, hairy goat
Last Line: The mongol of the monastery of shan.
Alternate Author Name(s): Belloc, Joseph Hilaire Pierre Rene
Subject(s): Llamas

The Llama is a woolly sort of fleecy hairy goat,
With an indolent expression and an undulating throat
Like an unsuccessful literary man.
And I know the place he lives in (or at least -- I think I do)
It is Ecuador, Brazil or Chile -- possibly Peru;
You must find it in the Atlas if you can.
The Llama of the Pampasses you never should confound
(In spite of a deceptive similarity of sound)
With the Lama who is Lord of Turkestan.
For the former is a beautiful and valuable beast,
But the latter is not lovable nor useful in the least;
And the Ruminant is preferable surely to the Priest
Who battens on the woful superstitions of the East,
The Mongol of the Monastery of Shan.

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