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First Line: In january dread the ice
Last Line: There'll be nothing to remember.
Subject(s): Moths

In January dread the ice
Of a question far too nice.
In February shun the blow
Of an answer chill as snow.
In March avoid the wind
Where hopeful thoughts are thinned.
In April shield the head
Against the unstirring dead
(Who yet will wake in May,
The wag-beard prophets say).
But May awaited brings
The death of queens and kings,
And June with fattened leaves
Still palters, still deceives.
July with bitter heat
Blazes the seventh defeat.
August in every land
Comes with a barren hand,
Till all September's reaping
Is hardly fit for keeping,
And fruits in keen October
Fall wormy and sober.
In November dread the end;
One month will yet offend,
And at last in December
There'll be nothing to remember.

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