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First Line: I leave the meadow for the brook
Last Line: The clouded moon is dim and bleary.
Subject(s): Brooks; Streams; Creeks

I leave the meadow for the brook,
Speed, speed, my icy carriers,
Away, away, the black ice lies,
And where I glide, on either side
The woody midnight's rise --
Speed, speed, speed on ye tarriers.
The ice-fields fall -- a distant boom --
On, on, from gloom to deeper gloom --
Speed, speed, let darkness follow.
Alone, alone, the breezes moan
Gives steel to steel; I wheel and reel
On rippled ice and hollow.
The ice once more is smooth, before
I swerve from brook to river,
And as I dash, the musk-rat's plash
Comes from the hazy, fleeing shore,
Where first the moonbeams quiver.

and Back

The moon is up, and I am weary.
Beyond, the lane-like brook lies dreary;
Hours fleet, I stumble on o'er crusted snow;
With reeds the ice is bearded as I go.
Afar I wend, and I am weary, --
The clouded moon is dim and bleary.

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