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First Line: From further in the hills there came
Subject(s): Fish & Fishing; Anglers

From further in the hills there came
A river to our kitchen door
To be the water of the house
And keep a snow-white kitchen floor.

The fall we made the river take
To catch the water in a dish
(It wasn't deep enough to dip)
Was good for us, but not for fish.

For when the trout came up in spring
And found a plunging wall to pass,
It meant, unless they met it right,
They glanced and landed in the grass.

I recollect one fingerling
That came ashore to dance it out;
And if he didn't like the death,
He'd better not have been a trout.

I found him faded in the heat.
But there was one I found in time
And put back in the water where
He wouldn't have the fall to climb.

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