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ON TALK OF PEACE AT THIS TIME, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: France. France, I know not what is in my heart
Last Line: Is made secure for us and hell is thwarted.
Subject(s): France; Peace; World War I; First World War

France. France, I know not what is in my heart.
But God forbid that I should be more brave
As watcher from a quiet place apart
Than you are fighting in an open grave.
I will not ask more of you than you ask
O Bravest, of yourself. But shall I less?
You know the depth of your appointed task
Whether you still can bear its bloodiness.
Not mine to say you shall not think of peace.
Not mine, not mine: I almost know your pain.
But I will not believe that you will cease,
Nor will I bid you cease, from being slain
Till everything that might have been distorted
Is made secure for us and Hell is thwarted.

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