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First Line: Live because you have a sweet face
Last Line: On me.
Subject(s): Poetry & Poets

Live because you have a sweet face.
You lean back slightly as if to take
comfort from your serenity. You are
so mild. Live though you are helpless
without me, unless in death I provide
for you. Let me go first. Your mildness
melts into the sun in whose heat
I am afraid I will lose you. Be well,
be firm if you must, be mild,
and save our lives to show the sun
and earth that we are a third
without which it is empty to discuss
between them.

Are you listening,
serenity I love? Does this voice
penetrate to you to pierce the sun
that shines and weakens you into immobility?
Your eyelids flicker, your smile appears
directed at me. Your sun now shines
on me.

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