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First Line: Inside me is the peace of an egg
Last Line: So peaceful too under snow
Subject(s): Eggs; Peace; Self; Clemency

Tomorrow is my sin
when in the evening I will wonder
what is to be gained by another day
won from death. In the daytime
I will shout and pound with the rest
on the work tables and will have forgotten
in my excitement my incapacity, fully awake
to my deception.

For one who wishes to live
there must be forgiveness
if I may forgive myself
who cannot be whole entirely.

I have love of wholeness.
I have love. I have myself
capable of this knowledge.
I have a perfection,
if you could call it that,
something of wholeness
and I shall be forgiven
at least in part, that part
which is me shall forgive myself
for incapacity. That which is
others will forgive me
if it must forgive itself.
That much I will have won
from my sorrow.

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