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First Line: On the day that the world shall end my dear
Last Line: And forfeited heaven for him.
Alternate Author Name(s): Tremaine, John
Subject(s): Mary Magdalen; Sacrifices; Women In The Bible; Mary Magdalene

On the day that the world shall end my dear
I shall stand at the judgment bar
Your name on my lips, your face in my heart
Your love as my guiding star,
And then I shall say to the God above
As he looks through my soul for sin
Only one great fault You will find, dear Lord,
Inscribed on the scroll within.

I have tended Your sheep and nurtured Your lambs,
I have comforted hearts in despair,
I have kept the commandments with never a pause
Save the one You see written there,
But You are my Judge and I hope You can find
Some grace for a flaw so grim
For I loved a mortal far more than my life
And forfeited heaven for him.

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