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DOLPHINS IN BLUE WATER, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Hey! Crackerjack - jump!
Subject(s): Dolphins; Porpoises

Hey! Crackerjack-jump!
Blue water,
Pink water,
Swirl, flick, flitter;
Snout into a wave-trough,
Plunge, curl.
Bow over,
Razor-cut and tumble.
Roll, turn-
Straight-and shoot at the sky,
All rose-flame drippings.
Down ring,
Nose under,
And gone;
With smooth over-swirlings of blue water,
Oil-smooth cobalt,
Slipping, liquid lapis lazuli,
Emerald shadings,
Tintings of pink and ochre.
Prismatic slidings
Underneath a windy sky.

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