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First Line: In an old city by the storied shores
Last Line: "o traveler, tomorrow is too late!"
Subject(s): Opportunity

In an old city by the storied shores,
Where the bright summit of Olympus soars,
A cryptic statue mounted toward the light—
Heel-winged, tip-toed, and poised for instant flight.
"O statue, tell your name," a traveler cried;
And solemnly the marble lips replied:
"Men call me Opportunity. I lift
My wingèd feet from earth to show how swift
My flight, how short my stay—
How Fate is ever waiting on the way."

"But why that tossing ringlet on your brow?"
"That men may seize me any moment: Now,
Now is my other name; today my date;
O traveler, tomorrow is too late!"

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