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First Line: Few words are best'
Last Line: "me against subterfuge."
Subject(s): World War I - United States

"Few words are best."
Not here. Discretion has been abandoned in this part
of the world too lately
For it to be admired. Disgust for it is like the
Equinox — all things in

One. Disgust is
No psychologist and has not opportunity to be a hypocrite.
It says to the saw-toothed bayonet and to the cue
Of blood behind the sub-

Marine—to the
Poisoned comb, to the Kaiser of Germany and to the
intolerant gateman at the exit from the eastbound ex-
press: "I hate
You less than you must hate

Yourselves: You have
Accoutred me. 'Without enemies one's courage flags'.
Your error has been timed
To aid me, I am in debt to you for you have primed
Me against subterfuge."

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