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First Line: Band concert public square nebraska city
Last Line: These know more of the story.
Subject(s): Music & Musicians

BAND concert public square Nebraska city. Flowing and circling
dresses, summer-white dresses. Faces, flesh tints flung like sprays of
cherry blossoms. And gigglers, God knows, gigglers, rivaling the pony
whinnies of the Livery Stable Blues.

Cowboy rags and nigger rags. And boys driving sorrel horses hurl a
cornfield laughter at the girls in dresses, summer-white dresses. Amid
the cornet staccato and the tuba oompa, gigglers, God knows, gigglers
daffy with life's razzle dazzle.

Slow good-night melodies and Home Sweet Home. And the snare drummer
bookkeeper in a hardware store nods hello to the daughter of a
railroad conductor -- a giggler, God knows, a giggler -- and the
summer-white dresses filter fanwise out of the public square.

The crushed strawberries of ice cream soda places, the night wind in
cottonwoods and willows, the lattice shadows of doorsteps and porches,
these know more of the story.

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