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First Line: Tossing throughout this tense and / nervous night
Last Line: Groping, with restless anger, for a prayer.
Alternate Author Name(s): Lewis, Michael
Subject(s): Insomnia; Night; Sleeplessness; Bedtime

TOSSING throughout this tense and nervous night
Sleepless I drowse. My soul, for lack of rest,
Sinks like a bird, that after flight on flight
Misses the shelter of its well-loved nest.
So would I gain your side and seek, my love,
The comfortable heaven of your breast.

Once more to lie beside the window seat,
And see, far off, the ribboned river-lights,
The yellow gas-lamps in the dusky street—
And pressing close, from proud and alien heights,
The noble skies and the inviolate stars
Surround and bless us these autumnal nights.

No words—the silence and your breathless name
Are all that's in the world; and faint and fair
The distant church-bells solemnly proclaim
To all the meek and sabbath-scented air...
I take you in my arms...and I awake
Groping, with restless anger, for a prayer.

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