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First Line: Often I have this dream, strange and penetrating
Last Line: The tone of dear voices, those that have died
Subject(s): Dreams; Love; Nightmares

Often I have this strange and penetrating dream
Of an unknown woman I love and who loves me,
And each time she is neither quite the same
Nor quite another, but she loves and understands.

For she does understand, and my heart, lucid
Alas, only for her, is a problem no longer,
But only for her, and the fever of my pale brow
Only by her can be cooled, as she weeps.

Is she dark, fair, or red-haired? I know not.
Her name? I remember it is sweet and singing
Like those of loved ones whom Life has banished.

Her gaze is like the gaze of statues,
And her voice, distant, calm, and low,
Has the inflection of dear voices that are stilled.

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