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First Line: O -- eh -- lee! La -- la
Last Line: Donna! Donna! Maria!
Subject(s): Immigrants; Emigrant; Emigration; Immigration

O -- eh -- lee! La -- la!
Donna! Donna!
Blue is the sky of Palermo;
Blue is the little bay;
And dost thou remember the orange and fig,
The lively sun and the sea-breeze at evening?
Hey -- la!
Donna! Donna! Maria!

O -- eh -- li! La -- la!
Donna! Donna!
Grey is the sky of this land.
Grey and green is the water.
I see no trees, dost thou? The wind
Is cold for the big woman there with the candle.
Hey -- la!
Donna! Donna! Maria!

O -- eh -- li! O -- la!
Donna! Donna!
I sang thee by the blue waters;
I sing thee here in the grey dawning.
Kiss, for I put down my guitar;
I'll sing thee more songs after the landing.
O Jesu, I love thee!
Donna! Donna! Maria!

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