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TO A SOLITARY DISCIPLE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Rather notice, mon cher
Last Line: Of the moon.
Subject(s): Spires; Steeples

Rather notice, mon cher,
that the moon is
tilted above
the point of the steeple
than that its color
is shell-pink.

Rather observe
that it is early morning
than that the sky
is smooth
as a turquoise.

Rather grasp
how the dark
converging lines
of the steeple
meet at the pinnacle --
perceive how
its little ornament
tries to stop them --

See how it fails!
See how the converging lines
of the hexagonal spire
escape upward --
receding, dividing!
-- sepals
that guard and contain
the flower!

how motionless
the eaten moon
lies in the protecting lines.

It is true:
in the light colors
of morning
brown-stone and slate
shine orange and dark blue.

But observe
the oppressive weight
of the squat edifice!
the jasmine lightness
of the moon.

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