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First Line: The horses bisect the field
Last Line: Cruel, unkind! I say farewell! Farewell!
Alternate Author Name(s): Wyat, Thomas
Variant Title(s): Song: 4
Subject(s): Farewell; Heaven; Life; Love - Unrequited; Tears; Parting; Paradise

Heaven and earth, and all that hear me plain,
Do well perceive what care doth cause me cry,
Save you alone, to whom I cry in vain,
"Mercy! Madame, alas! I die, I die!'
If that you sleep, I humbly you require
Forbear a while, and let your rigour slake;
Since that by you I burn thus in this fire,
To hear my plaint, dear heart, awake! awake!
Since that so oft ye have made me to wake
In plaint and tears, and in right piteous case,
Displease you not, if force do now me make
To break your sleep, crying "Alas! alas!'
It is the last trouble that you shall have
Of me, Madame, to hear my last complaint;
Pity at last your poor unhappy slave,
For in despair, alas! I faint, I faint.
It is not now, but long and long ago,
I have you served, as to my power and might,
As faithfully as any man might do,
Claiming of you nothing of right, of right;
Save of your grace only to stay my life
That fleeth as fast as cloud afore the wind,
For, since that first I entered in this strife,
An inward death hath fret my mind, my mind.
If I had suffered this, to you unaware,
Mine were the fault and you nothing to blame,
But since you know my woe and all my care,
Why do I die? Alas! for shame, for shame.
I know right well my face, my look, my tears,
Mine eyes, my words, and eke my dreary cheer
Have cried my death full oft unto your ears.
Hard of belief, it doth appear, appear.
A better proof I see that ye would have,
How I am dead; therefore, when ye hear tell,
Believe it not, although ye see my grave.
Cruel, unkind! I say farewell! farewell!

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