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First Line: Lo, how I seek and sue to have
Last Line: In joy or pain for to endure.
Alternate Author Name(s): Wyat, Thomas
Subject(s): Grief; Hearts; Pain; Sorrow; Sadness; Suffering; Misery

Lo! How I seek and sue to have
That no man hath and may be had!
There is no more but sink or save,
And bring this doubt to good or bad.
To live in sorrows, always sad,
I like not so to linger forth;
Hap evil or good I shall be glad
To take that comes as well in worth.

Should I sustain this great distress,
Still wand'ring forth thus to and fro,
In dreadful hope to hold my peace,
And feed myself with secret woe?
Nay, nay, certain I will not so,
But sure I shall myself apply
To put in proof this doubt to know
And rid this danger readily.

I shall assay by secret suit
To show the mind of mine intent,
And my deserts shall give such fruit
As with my heart my words be meant.
So by the proof of this consent
Soon, out of doubt, I shall be sure;
For to rejoice or to repent,
In joy or pain for to endure.

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