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First Line: Since that my language without eloquence
Last Line: And I mine own, that yours may not.
Alternate Author Name(s): Wyat, Thomas
Subject(s): Friendship; Language; Words; Vocabulary

Since that my language without eloquence
Is plain, unpainted, and not unknown,
Dispatch answer with ready utterance:
The question is 'yours?' or else 'mine own?'
To be upholden and still to fawn,
I know no cause of such obedience.
To have such corn as seed was sown,
That is the worst. Therefore give sentence.

But if your will be in this case
To uphold me still, what needeth that?
Sith 'yea' or 'nay' my question was,
So long delay it needeth not.
If I have 'yea' then have I that
That I have sought to bring to pass.
If I have 'nay' yet reck I not.
Where naught is got, there is no loss.

The 'yea' desired, the 'nay' not.
No grief so great, nor desire so sore
But that I may forbear to dote.
If 'yea,' forever. If 'nay', no more
To trouble ye thus. Speak on therefore.
If that ye will, say 'yea.' If not,
We shall be friends even as before,
And I mine own, that yours may not.

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