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First Line: Now must I learn to feign
Last Line: Seeing she will not so.
Alternate Author Name(s): Wyat, Thomas
Subject(s): Absence; Death; Hearts; Life; Pain; Tears; Truth; Separation; Isolation; Dead, The; Suffering; Misery

Now must I learn to feign
And do as other do,
Seeing no truth doth reign
That I may trust unto.
I was both true and plain
To one and to no moe,
And unto me again,
Alas, she was not so.

Unknowingly fell my heart
Into my foe's cruel hand;
And ere I could astart
Out of that careful band,
All the wit I had
Could scarce the knot undo.
This careful life I led
For one that was not so.

The nights right long and heavy,
The days of my torment,
The sighs continually
That thorough my heart went,
My colour pale and wan
To her did plainly show
That I was her true man
And yet she thought not so.

Out of her sight no pleasure
But to my heart great pain
And tears out of measure
That out of mine eyes did rain!
Her absence was my death,
For to depart her fro.
And yet, alas, her faith
Was feigned and not so.

Not the fever quartan
Doth half a man so shake
As did the woe and pain
That daily did me take.
Not sleep could I nor rest
But tossing to and fro.
And whereas I loved best,
Alas, she did not so.

And seeing it is my chance
My love in vain to waste,
I am not in that dance
The first nor yet the last.
But wise he is for the nonce
That can his folly know,
To revoke his love at once
Seeing she will not so.

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