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First Line: Longer to muse / on this refuse
Last Line: And perdy to forget.
Alternate Author Name(s): Wyat, Thomas
Subject(s): Cruelty; Fortune; Hearts; Love

Longer to muse
On this refuse
I will not use,
But study to forget;
Let my all go,
Since well I know
To be my foe
Her heart is firmly set.

Since my intent
So truly meant
Cannot content
Her mind as I do see,
To tell you plain
It were in vain
For so small gain
To lose my liberty.

For if he thrive
That will go strive
A ship to drive
Against the stream and wind,
Then thrive should I
To love truly
A cruel-hearted mind.

But sith that so
The world doth go
That every woe
By yielding doth increase,
As I have told
I will be bold
Thereby my pains to cease.

Praying you all
That after shall
By fortune fall
Into this foolish trade,
Have in your mind,
As I do find,
That oft by kind
All women's love do fade.

Wherefore apace,
Come take my place
Some man that has
A lust to burn the feet;
For since that she
Refuseth me,
I must agree,
And perdy to forget.

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