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First Line: As in the cool-air'd road I come by
Last Line: "-- in the night."
Subject(s): Love

As in the cool-air'd road I come by,
-- in the night,
Under the moon-clim'd height o' the sky,
-- in the night,
There by the lime's broad lim's I did stay,
While in the air dark sheades wer at play;
Up on the window-glass, that did keep
Lew vrom the wind my true love asleep,
-- in the night.
While in the grey-wall'd height o' the tow'r,
-- in the night,
Sounded the midnight bell wi' the hour,
-- in the night,
There come a bright-heair'd angel that shed
Light vrom her white robe's zilvery thread,
Wi' her vore-vinger hild up to meake
Silence around lest sleepers mid weake,
-- in the night.
"Oh! then," I whisper'd, "do I behold
-- in the night,
Linda, my true-love, here in the cwold,
-- in the night?"
"No," she meade answer, "you do misteake:
She is asleep, but I that do weake
Here be on watch, an angel a-blest,
Over her slumber while she do rest,
-- in the night."
"Zee how the winds, while brisk by the bough,
-- in the night,
They do pass on, don't smite on her brow,
-- in the night;
Zee how the cloud-sheades naiseless do zweep
Over the house-top where she's asleep.
You, too, goo by, though times mid be near,
When you, wi' me, mid speak to her ear
-- in the night."

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