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First Line: My love is o' comely height an' straight
Last Line: But gi'e her my breast-knot, white an' blue?
Subject(s): Beauty; Love

My love is o' comely height, an' straight,
An' comely in all her ways an' gait,
In feace she do show the rwose's hue,
An' her lids on her eyes be white on blue.
When Elemley clubmen walk'd in May
An' vo'k come in clusters, ev'ry way;,
As soon as the zun dried up the dew,
An' clouds in the sky wer white on blue,
She come by the down, wi' trippen walk,
By deaisies, an' sheenen banks o' chalk,
An' brooks, where the crowvoot flow'rs did strew
The sky-tinted water, white on blue.
She nodded her head, as play'd the band;
She dapp'd wi' her voot, as she did stand;
She danced in a reel, a-wearen new
A skirt wi' a jacket, white wi' blue.
I singled her out vrom thin an' stout,
Vrom slender an' stout I chose her out;
An' what, in the evenen, could I do,
But gi'e her my breast-knot, white an' blue?

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