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EGOISME A DEUX', by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: When the great universe hung nebulous
Last Line: Was it divine?
Alternate Author Name(s): Leigh, Arbor; Guggenberger, Mrs. Ignatz; Bevington, L. S.
Subject(s): Togetherness

WHEN the great universe hung nebulous
Betwixt the unprevented and the need,
Was it foreseen that you and I should be? --
Was it decreed?
While time leaned onward through eternities,
Unrippled by a breath and undistraught,
Lay there at leisure Will that we should breathe? --
Waited a Thought?
When the warm swirl of chaos-elements
Fashioned the chance that woke to sentient strife,
Did there a Longing seek, and hasten on
Our mutual life?
That flux of many accidents but now
That brought you near and linked your hand in mine, --
That fused our souls in love's most final faith, --
Was it divine?

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