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First Line: A is an angel of blushing eighteen
Last Line: Z stands for zero, or nothing at all.
Subject(s): Alphabet Verse

A is an Angel of blushing eighteen:
B is the Ball where the Angel was seen:
C is the Chaperon, who cheated at cards:
D is the Deuxtemps, with Frank of the Guards:
E is the Eye, which those dark lashes cover:
F is the Fan, it peeped wickedly over:
G is the Glove of superlative kid:
H is the Hand which it spitefully hid:
I is the Ice which the fair one demanded:
J is the Juvenile, who hurried to hand it:
K is the Kerchief, a rare work of art:
L is the Lace which composed the chief part:
M is the old Maid who watched the girls dance:
N is the Nose she turned up at each glance:
O is the Olga (just then in its prime):
P is the Partner who wouldn't keep time:
Q 's a Quadrille, put instead of the Lancers:
R the Remonstrances made by the dancers:
S is the Supper, where all went in pairs:
T is the Twaddle they talked on the stairs:
U is the Uncle who 'thought we'd be going':
V is the Voice which his niece replied 'No' in:
W is the Waiter, who sat up till eight:
X is his Exit. not rigidly straight:
Y is a Yawning fit caused by the Ball:
Z stands for Zero, or nothing at all.

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