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DOROTHY'S DOWER, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: My sweetest dorothy,' said john
Last Line: "went for cigars and brandy!"
Subject(s): Marriage; Money; Women's Rights; Weddings; Husbands; Wives; Feminism

In Three Parts

Part I

"My sweetest Dorothy," said John,
Of course before the wedding,
As metaphorically he stood,
His gold upon her shedding,
"Whatever thing you wish or want
Shall be hereafter granted,
For all my worldly goods are yours."
The fellow was enchanted!

"About that little dower you have,
You thought might yet come handy,
Throw it away, do what you please,
Spend it on sugar-candy!
I like your sweet, dependent ways,
I love you when you tease me;
The more you ask, the more you spend,
The better you will please me."

Part II

"Confound it, Dorothy!" said John,
I haven't got it by me.
You haven't, have you, spent that sum,
The dower from Aunt Jemima?
No; well that's sensible for you;
This fix is most unpleasant;
But money's tight, so just take yours
And use it for the present.
Now I must go -- to -- meet a man!
By George! I'll have to borrow!
Lend me a twenty -- that's all right!
I'll pay you back to-morrow."

Part III

"Madam," says John to Dorothy,
And past her rudely pushes,
"You think a man is made of gold,
And money grows on bushes!
Tom's shoes! Your doctor! Can't you now
Get up some new disaster?
You and your children are enough
To break John Jacob Astor.
Where's what you had yourself, when I
Was fool enough to court you?
That little sum, till you got me,
'T was what had to support you!"
"It's lent and gone, not very far;
Pray don't be apprehensive."
"Lent! I've had use enough for it:
My family is expensive.
I didn't, as a woman would,
Spend it on sugar-candy!"
"No, John, I think the most of it
Went for cigars and brandy!"

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