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WHERE A ROMAN VILLA STOOD, ABOVE FREIBURG', by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: On alien ground, breathing an alien air
Last Line: But not our english hills!'
Alternate Author Name(s): Anodos
Subject(s): Nostalgia; Roman Empire; Ruins; Travel; Journeys; Trips

On alien ground, breathing an alien air
A Roman stood, far from his ancient home,
And gazing, murmured, "Ah, the hills are fair,
But not the hills of Rome!'
Descendant of a race to Romans kin,
Where the old son of Empire stood, I stand.
The self-same rocks fold the same valley in,
Untouched of human hand.
Over another shines the self-same star,
Another heart with nameless longing fills,
Crying aloud, "How beautiful they are,
But not our English hills!'

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