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ON THE RESURRECTION OF CHRIST, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Done is a battle [battell] on the dragon black [blak]
Last Line: Surrexit dominus de sepulchro.
Subject(s): Jesus Christ; Resurrection, The

Done is a battle on the dragon black,
Our campion Christ confoundit has his force;
The yettis of hell are broken with a crack,
The sign triumphal raisit is of the cross,
The devillis trymmillis with hiddous voce,
The saulis are borrowit and to the bliss can go,
Christ with his blood our ransonis dois indoce:
Sureexit Dominus de sepulchro.

Dungen is the deidly dragon Lucifer,
The cruel serpent with the mortal stang;
The auld keen tiger, with his teeth on char,
Whilk in a wait has lyen for us so lang,
Thinking to grip us in his clawis strang;
The merciful Lord wald nocht that it were so,
He made him for to failye of that fang:
Surrexit Dominus de sepulchro.

He for our sake that sufferit to be slain,
And like a lamb in sacrifice was dicht,
Is like a lion risen up again,
And as a gyane raxit him on hicht;
Sprungen is Aurora radious and bricht,
On loft is gone the glorious Apollo,
The blilssful day departit fro the nicht:
Surrexit Dominus de sepulchro.

The great victour again is risen on hicht,
That for our quarrel to the death was woundit;
The sun that wox all pale now shinis bricht,
And, darkness clearit, our faith is now refoundit;
The knell of mercy fra the heaven is soundit,
The Christian are deliverit of their woe,
The Jewis and their error are confoundit:
Surrexit Dominus de sepulchro.

The foe is chasit, the battle is done cease,
The prison broken, the jevellouris fleit and flemit;
The weir is gone, confermit is the peace,
The fetteris lowsit and the dungeon temit,
The ransom made, the prisoneris redeemit;
The field is won, owrecomen is the foe,
Despoilit of the treasure that he yemit:
Surrexit Dominus de sepulchro.

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