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First Line: God grant us wisdom in these coming days
Last Line: With hearts courageous we may fairer build this last.
Alternate Author Name(s): Oxenham, John
Variant Title(s): For A New World
Subject(s): Patriotism; Peace; Religion; Theology

God grant us wisdom in these coming days,
And eyes unsealed, that we clear visions see
Of that new world that He would have us build,
To Life's ennoblement and His high ministry.

God give us sense, -- God-sense of Life's new needs,
And souls aflame with new-born chivalries --
To cope with those black growths that foul the ways, --
To cleanse our poisoned founts with God-born energies.

To pledge our souls to nobler, loftier life,
To win the world to His fair sanctities,
To bind the nations in a Pact of Peace,
And free the Soul of Life for finer loyalties.

Not since Christ died upon His lonely cross
Has Time such prospect held of Life's new birth;
Not since the world of chaos first was born
Has man so clearly visaged hope of a new earth.

Not of our own might can we hope to rise
Above the ruts and soilures of the past,
But, with His help who did the first earth build,
With hearts courageous we may fairer build this last.

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