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A LULLABY, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: We've wandered all about the upland fallows
Last Line: Sleep, liebchen, sleep, the stars are shooting.
Alternate Author Name(s): Hueffer, Ford Hermann; Hueffer, Ford Madox
Subject(s): Night; Sleep; Bedtime

We've wandered all about the upland fallows,
We've watched the rabbits at their play,
But now good-night, good-bye to soaring swallows,
Now good-night, good-bye, dear day.

Poppy heads are closing fast, pigeons circle home at last,
Sleep, Liebchen, sleep, the bats are calling;
Pansies never miss the light, but sweet babes must sleep at night;
Sleep, Liebchen, sleep, the dew is falling.

Even the wind among the quiet willows
Rests, and the sea is silent too.
See soft white linen, cool, such cool white pillows
Wait in the darkling room for you.
All the little chicks are still, now the moon peeps down the hill,
Sleep, Liebchen, sleep, the owls are hooting,
Ships have hung their lanthorns out, little mice dare creep about,
Sleep, Liebchen, sleep, the stars are shooting.

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