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First Line: Through the shrubs as I can crack
Last Line: Shepherds' loves.
Subject(s): Animals; Lambs; Shepherds & Shepherdesses

THROUGH the shrubs as I can crack
For my lambs, little ones,
'Mongst many pretty ones,
Nymphs I mean, whose hair was black
As the crow;
Like the snow
Her face and brows shin'd, I ween;
I saw a little one,
A bonny pretty one,
As bright, buxom, and as sheen,
As was she
On her knee
That lull'd the god whose arrow warms
Such merry little ones,
Such fair-fac'd pretty ones,
As dally in love's chiefest harms:
Such was mine,
Whose grey eyne
Made me love. I gan to woo
This sweet little one,
This bonny pretty one;
I woo'd hard a day or two,
Till she bade
"Be not sad,
Woo no more, I am thine own,
Thy dearest little one,
Thy truest pretty one":
Thus was faith and firm love shown,
As behoves
Shepherds' loves.

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