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THE WHITE ISLAND, OR PLACE OF THE BLEST, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: In this world (the isle of dreames)
Last Line: Have ending.
Subject(s): Heaven; Immortality; Paradise

In this world (the Isle of Dreames)
While we sit by sorrowes streames,
Teares and terrors are our theames

But when once from hence we flie,
More and more approaching nigh
Unto young Eternitie

In that whiter Island, where
Things are evermore sincere;
Candor here, and lustre there

There no monstrous fancies shall
Out of hell an horrour call,
To create (or cause at all)

There in calm and cooling sleep
We our eyes shall never steep;
But eternall watch shall keep,

Pleasures, such as shall pursue
Me immortaliz'd, and you;
And fresh joyes, as never too
Have ending.

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