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MISS KILMANSEGG AND HER PRECIOUS LEG: HER MORAL, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!
Last Line: And now of a bloody mary!
Variant Title(s): The Ruling Power
Subject(s): Gold; Money

Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!
Bright and yellow, hard and cold,
Molten, graven, hammered, and rolled;
Heavy to get, and light to hold;
Hoarded, bartered, bought and sold,
Stolen, borrowed, squandered, doled;
Spurned by the young, but hugged by the old
To the very verge of the churchyard mould;
Price of many a crime untold;
Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!
Good or bad, a thousand-fold!
How widely its agencies vary!
To save, to ruin, to curse, to bless,
As even its minted coins express!
Now stamped with the image of Good Queen Bess,
And now of a Bloody Mary!

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