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First Line: She stood breast high amid the corn
Last Line: Share my harvest and my home.
Subject(s): Autumn; Beauty; Jews; Love; Ruth (bible); Seasons; Women In The Bible; Youth; Fall; Judaism

SHE stood breast high amid the corn,
Clasped by the golden light of morn,
Like the sweetheart of the sun,
Who many a glowing kiss had won.
On her cheek an autumn flush
Deeply ripened; -- such a blush
In the midst of brown was born,
Like red poppies grown with corn.
Round her eyes her tresses fell, --
Which were blackest none could tell;
But long lashes veiled a light
That had else been all too bright.
And her hat, with shady brim,
Made her tressy forehead dim; --
Thus she stood amid the stooks,
Praising God with sweetest looks.
Sure, I said, Heaven did not mean
Where I reap thou shouldst but glean;
Lay thy sheaf adown and come,
Share my harvest and my home.

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