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ENVOY, TO 'MORE SONGS FROM VAGABONDIA', by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Whose furthest footstep never strayed
Last Line: The only purpose of the earth.
Variant Title(s): The Wanderer
Subject(s): Wandering & Wanderers; Wanderlust; Vagabonds; Tramps; Hoboes


WHOSE furthest footstep never strayed
Beyond the village of his birth
Is but a lodger for the night
In this old wayside inn of earth.

To-morrow he shall take his pack,
And set out for the ways beyond
On the old trail from star to star,
An alien and a vagabond.


If any record of our names
Be blown about the hills of time,
Let no one sunder us in death, --
The man of paint, the men of rhyme.

Of all our good, of all our bad,
This one thing only is of worth, --
We held the league of heart to heart
The only purpose of the earth.

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