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First Line: The assyrian king - in peace, with foul desire
Last Line: Murdered himself, to show some manful deed.
Alternate Author Name(s): Surrey, Earl Of
Subject(s): Henry Viii, King Of England (1491-1547); Mythology - Classical; Sardanapalus (7th Century B.c.); Suicide

The Assyrian King in peace, with foul desire
And filthy lusts, that stained his regal heart
In war that should set princely hearts on fire:
Did yield, vanquished for want of martial art.
The dint of swords from kisses seemed strange:
And harder, than his lady's side, his targe:
From glutton feasts, to soldier's fare a change:
His helmet, far above a garland's charge.
Who scarce the name of manhood did retain,
Drenched in sloth, and womanish delight,
Feeble of spirit, impatient of pain:
When he had lost his honour, and his right:
Proud, time of wealth, in storms appalled with dread,
Murdered himself, to show some manful deed.

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