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First Line: Like to the falling of a star
Last Line: The flight is past, -- and man forgot!
Variant Title(s): Life;of Human Life;such Is Life
Subject(s): Death; Life; Mankind; Mortality; Transience; Dead, The; Human Race; Impermanence

Like to the falling of a star,
Or as the flights of eagles are,
Or like the fresh spring's gaudy hue,
Of silver drops of morning dew,
Or like a wind that chafes the flood,
Or bubbles which on water stood, --
E'en such is man, whose borrowed light
Is straight called in, and paid to-night.
The wind blows out, the bubble dies,
The spring entombed in autumn lies,
The dew dries up, the star is shot,
The flight is past, -- and man forgot!

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