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REBEL MOTHER'S LULLABY, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Ah, rest to the morrow, for many the sorrow
Last Line: Lennavan mo.
Subject(s): Ireland - Rebellions

Ah, rest to the morrow, for many the sorrow
That waking will brew;
Gone is thy brother,
Long must I rue;
Hark not thy mother
Rocking thee to,
Rocking thee fro, Lennavan mo,
Ireland's own woe
Never must keep children from sleep,
Lennavan mo.

The clouds are fast creeping, and Mary is weeping
Her tears down the sky;
Gray is the evening
When Irishmen die;
Hark not the keening,
Rest thee and lie,
Lennavan mo, Lennavan mo,
Far be the foe,
Ours is the strife, yours is dear life,
Lennavan mo.

Earl Garrat is hiding, Lord Edward is riding,
And fast is his rein;
The horses are stamping
Over the plain;
Hark not the tramping,
Turn thee again,
Lennavan mo, Lennavan mo,
Nestle down low,
Others may ride, you must abide,
Lennavan mo.

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