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A CALIFORNIA CHRISTMAS, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Behold where beauty walks with peace!
Last Line: Between this land and paradise.
Alternate Author Name(s): Miller, Joaquin
Subject(s): California; Christmas; Life; Nativity, The

Behold where Beauty walks with Peace!
Behold where Plenty pours her horn
Of fruits, of flowers, fat increase,
As generous as light of morn.
Green Shasta, San Diego, seas
Of bloom and green between them rolled.
Great herds in grasses to their knees,
And green earth garmented in gold.
White peaks that prop the sapphire blue
Look down on Edens, such as when
That fair, first spot perfection knew
And God walked perfect earth with men.
I say God's kingdom is at hand
Right here, if we but lift our eyes;
I say there lies no line or land
Between this land and Paradise.

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