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DEAD IN THE SIERRAS, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: His footprints have failed us
Last Line: And iron is rust.
Alternate Author Name(s): Miller, Joaquin
Subject(s): Sierra Nevada Mountains

HIS footprints have failed us,
Where berries are red,
And madronos are rankest, --
The hunter is dead!

The grizzly may pass
By his half-open door;
May pass and repass
On his path, as of yore;

The panther may crouch
In the leaves on his limb;
May scream and may scream, --
It is nothing to him.

Prone, bearded, and breasted
Like columns of stone;
And tall as a pine --
As a pine overthrown!

His camp-fires gone,
What else can be done
Than let him sleep on
Till the light of the sun?

Ay, tombless! what of it?
Marble is dust,
Cold and repellent;
And iron is rust.

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