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First Line: Romantic fool who cannot speak!
Last Line: Romantic fool who cannot speak.
Subject(s): Beauty

Romantic fool who cannot speak!

You are distant like a white cold cloud.
You pasture on the April sky.

I meet you with my head half bowed,
And wonder if you wonder why.
There has not been a single day
My eyes have dared look straight your way,
Or mix themselves with yours in play.

Your beauty fills my flesh with fear:
I flinch, as I have always done,
When loveliness became too near.
You dazzle me with your bright sun.
Supposing I should say a word
Just whispered lowly, as a bird,
While passing, and you smiled -- and heard.

O then I fear that I might spring,
Utter some unearthly cry,
But drop my clipped and awkward wing,
Dumb, while you stared, and slowly I
Should have to pass your beauty by,
Becoming, like that bird, I think,
Beady-small, but vision-clear --
The epochs in between a sleep
Devoted to your being near,
Though your known face between my dreams
Is absent always, as it seems,
And I remain through week and week
Romantic fool who cannot speak.

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