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BLACK AND BLUE EYES, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: The brilliant black eye
Last Line: Dear fanny!
Alternate Author Name(s): Little, Thomas
Subject(s): Admiration; Eyes

THE brilliant black eye
May in triumph let fly
All its darts without caring who feels 'em;
But the soft eye of blue,
Though it scatter wounds too,
Is much better pleased when it heals 'em!
Dear Fanny!
The black eye may say,
"Come and worship my ray;
By adoring, perhaps you may move me!"
But the blue eye, half hid,
Says, from under its lid,
"I love, and am yours, if you love me!"
Dear Fanny!
Then tell me, O why,
In that lovely blue eye,
Not a charm of its tint I discover;
Or why should you wear
The only blue pair
That ever said "No" to a lover?
Dear Fanny!

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