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NORMAN CRADLE-SONG, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: When the moon is afloat
Last Line: And the heavenly noon.
Alternate Author Name(s): O'suilleabhain, Sean
Subject(s): Babies; Moon; Sleep; Infants

When the moon is afloat,
And the ocean at rest,
The sea-elf goes forth
To the town he loves best:
Up from his cave, over the wave,
With joy in his breast.

Singing: Sleep, little baby,
And dream on the sea,
That lulls round thy cradle,
And murmurs to thee

The Stars are a-shine
And the waves are at play, --
Rushing in to the shore
From the wind-stricken bay;
And the sea-elf is there, with the brine in his hair,
As merry as they.

Singing: The soft fleecy moon
Is laughing with glee,
And soothing, my baby,
A dream-song to thee.

The sea-elf goes roving
When the moon waxes bright,
And plays in the churchyard
Till fadeth the light:
His morrice he paces, then deftly retraces
His steps through the night.

Singing: Alack, it is gone!
The silvery moon,
With its great holy face
It waneth too soon:

Ere it passes, my baby,
A hymn it will croon,
Of the splendour of God
And the Heavenly noon.

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