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CUPID MISTAKEN, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: As after noon, one summer's day
Last Line: I took you for your likeness, chloe.
Subject(s): Cupid; Eros

As after noon, one summer's day,
Venus stood bathing in a river;
Cupid a-shooting went that way,
New strung his bow, new filled his quiver.

With skill he chose his sharpest dart:
With all his might his bow he drew:
Swift to his beauteous parent's heart
The too-well-guided arrow flew.

'I faint! I die!' the goddess cried:
'O cruel, could'st thou find none other
To wreck thy spleen on: Parricide!
Like Nero, thou hast slain thy mother.'

Poor Cupid sobbing scarce could speak;
'Indeed, mama, I did not know ye:
Alas! how easy my mistake?
I took you for your likeness, Chloe.

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