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IKE WALTON'S PRAYER, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: I crave, dear lord
Last Line: Love, and the glad sweet face of her.
Alternate Author Name(s): Johnson Of Boone, Benj. F.
Subject(s): Children; Fish & Fishing; God; Love; Prayer; Childhood; Anglers

I CRAVE, dear Lord,
No boundless hoard
Of gold and gear,
Nor jewels fine,
Nor lands, nor kine,
Nor treasure-heaps of anything. --
Let but a little hut be mine
Where at the hearthstone I may hear
The cricket sing,
And have the shine
Of one glad woman's eyes to make,
For my poor sake,
Our simple home a place divine: --
Just the wee cot -- the cricket's chirr --
Love, and the smiling face of her.

I pray not for
Great riches, nor
For vest estates and castle-halls: --
Give me to hear the bare footfalls
Of children o'er
An oaken floor
New-rinsed with sunshine, or bespread
With but the tiny coverlet
And pillow for the baby's head;
And, pray Thou, may
The door stand open and the day
Send ever in a gentle breeze,
With fragrance from the locust-trees,
And drowsy moan of doves, and blur
Of robin-chirps, and drone of bees,
With after-hushes of the stir
Of intermingling sounds, and then
The goodwife and the smile of her
Filling the silences again --
The cricket's call
And the wee cot,
Dear Lord of all,
Deny me not!

I pray not that
Men tremble at
My power of place
And lordly sway, --
I only pray for simple grace
To look my neighbor in the face
Full honestly from day to day --
Yield me his horny palm to hold,
And I'll not pray
For gold: --
The tanned face, garlanded with mirth,
It hath the kingliest smile on earth;
The swart brow, diamonded with sweat,
Hath never need of coronet.
And so I reach,
Dear Lord, to Thee,
And do beseech
Thou givest me
The wee cot, and the cricket's chirr,
Love, and the glad sweet face of her.

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