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THE MULBERRY GARDEN: CHILD AND MAIDEN, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Ah, chloris [or cloris]! That I now could sit [could I now but sit]
Last Line: To make a beauty, she.
Variant Title(s): To Chloris;the Growth Of Love;to A Very Young Lady;song To Chloris
Subject(s): Love

Ah, Chloris! that I now could sit
As unconcerned as when
Your infant beauty could beget
No pleasure, nor no pain!

When I the dawn used to admire
And praised the coming day
I little thought the growing fire
Must take my rest away.

Your charms in harmless childhood lay,
Like metals in the mine;
Age from no face took more away
Than youth concealed in thine

But as your charms insensibly
To their perfection pressed,
Fond love as unperceived did fly,
And in my bosom rest.

My passion with your beauty grew;
And Cupid at my heart
Still, as his mother favoured you,
Threw a new flaming dart:

Each gloried in their wanton part;
To make a lover, he
Employed the utmost of his art--
To make a beauty, she.

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