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SAINT BRIDE'S LULLABY, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Oh, baby christ, so dear to me
Last Line: Sang bridget bride.
Alternate Author Name(s): Macleod, Fiona
Subject(s): Brigid Of Ireland, Saint (453-523); Fear; Jesus Christ - Childhood & Youth; Marriage; Nuns; Singing & Singers; Bridget, Saint; Brigit Of Kildare, Saint; Weddings; Husbands; Wives; Songs

Oh, Baby Christ, so dear to me,
Sang Bridget Bride,
How sweet Thou art,
My baby dear,
Heart of my heart.

Heavy her body was with Thee,
Mary, beloved of One in Three,
Sang Bridget Bride.
Mary, who bore thee, little lad;
But light her heart was, light and glad,
With God's love clad.

Sit on my knee,
Sang Bridget Bride.
Sit here,
O Baby dear,
Close to my heart, my heart;
For I Thy foster mother am,
My helpless Lamb!
O have no fear,
Sang good St. Bride.

None, none,
No fear have I;
So let me cling
Close to Thy side,
Whilst Thou dost sing,
O Bridget Bride!
My Lord, my Prince, I sing;
My Baby dear, my King!
Sang Bridget Bride.

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