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First Line: Farewell, o sun, arcadia's clearest light
Last Line: Farewell direction, farewell all affection.
Variant Title(s): Strephon And Klaius
Subject(s): Shepherds & Shepherdesses

Farewell, O sun, Arcadia's clearest light;
Farewell, O pearl, the poor man's plenteous treasure;
Farewell, O golden staff, the weak man's might;
Farewell, O joy, the woeful's only pleasure.
Wisdom, farewell, the skilless man's direction;
Farewell with thee, farewell all our affection.

For what place now is left for our affection
Now that of purest lamp is queint the light,
Which to our darkened minds was best direction;
Now that the mine is lost of all our treasure,
Now death hath swallowed up our worldly pleasure,
We orphans left, void of all public might?

Orphans indeed, deprived of father's might;
For he our father was in all affection,
In our well-doing placing all his pleasure,
Still studying how to us to be a light.
As well he was in peace a safest treasure;
In war his wit and word was our direction.

Whence, whence alas, shall we seek our direction!
When that we fear our hateful neighbors' might
Who long have gaped to get Arcadians' treasure.
Shall we now find a guide of such affection,
Who for our sakes will think all travail light,
And make his pain to keep us safe his pleasure?

No, no, forever gone is all our pleasure;
Forever wand'ring from all good direction;
Forever blinded of our clearest light;
Forever lamed of our surest might;
Forever banished from well placed affection;
Forever robbed of our royal treasure.

Let tears for him therefore be all our treasure,
And in our wailful naming him our pleasure;
Let hating of ourselves be our affection,
And unto death bend still our thoughts' direction.
Let us against ourselves employ our might,
And putting out our eyes seek we our light.

Farewell our light, farewell our spoiled treasure;
Farewell our might, farewell our daunted pleasure;
Farewell direction, farewell all affection.

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